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I love when brides add a bridal session or day after session to their package. It’s a little less stressful, and it gives us the opportunity to have a little fun in the gorgeous, once-in-a-lifetime dress.

Brent and Kaylah decided on a day after session in place of a bridal session. They wanted a location that meant a lot to them and a chance to bring in their dogs. Kaylah’s pup was a wedding gift to her from Brent. I think that is just the best gift ever.

A few weeks after the wedding, I traveled up to Paducah and then would meet them at Glendale State Park. A place they spend a lot of time. A place Brent and his family gathers yearly at. A place full of history, love, and memories to the Goines family. When I arrived it was just the most beautiful park. The tall pines, the beautiful lake, and the wooden bridges throughout. I said a little prayer of thanks for a quiet morning walk before our session that afternoon. God has truly blessed me with the most amazing couples. Spending an afternoon with Brent and Kaylah in this place showed me what a blessing it is – I get to have a career that I not only love, but one that also fills my heart. After the session, I may or may not have invited myself to the annual family camping trip.

I hope you enjoy the photos from this amazing day. As you look at them, I hope you see God in the faces of these two people. Because I sure did. This year has brought me many couples who are Christ centered. From those new marriages I have seen what loving a spouse like Christ loves the church is like. The way these two truly not only love each other, but also consider each others thoughts and feelings as well as those around them was just incredible to see.

May you all find a love like Brent and Kaylah’s. A love where the foundation is so strong there is no doubt God planned their love story.

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