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Locale:Renee’s Event Center

Carrie found me via social media.  From the moment she emailed me I just knew she was the perfect SBG bride.  Her wedding was going to be all about their love for each other and family.

John and Carrie met online.  He is from Louisiana and was working in Paducah.  They met and began to have a stream of what I believe to be the most amazing dates.  Trying new restaurants, the Kentucky derby, arts and crafts fair where Carrie would introduce John to lemon shakeups, a flight over the downtown area of Paducah.  As I read their questionnaire I felt like I was reading a novel that would be made into a sweet love story movie.  Carrie’s first response was how John is such a southern gentlemen.  He opens doors, buys her flowers and I can tell you first hand just how much he adores her.  His face literally lights up when she walks into the room.

Their wedding would be a wonderful example of who they are as a couple and the love they have for their friends and family.  The wedding party would consist of Carrie’s best friend who is more like a sister.  The guests would be only those closest to them and who mean the world to them.  Carrie and her Mom would spend hours together creating each center piece.  With photos being very important to them both time would be set aside for John and Carrie to go into downtown and capture sweet moments of them in this city that brought them together.  A city that they not only love but they fell in love in.  As a photographer it was a day that I did not want to end.  It was truly the sweetest day and to see each guest there truly to encourage and love this couple in the beginning of their marriage was a true testament to how very special they are.  My very favorite part of their day was to watch the couple serve their guests.  They had a simple reception focused on truly visiting with guests and just loving one another.  When it came time to serve the cake the bride and groom served each guest.  They wanted to serve their guests and show their love and thank them each for coming.  Something so simple but will forever leave an imprint on me.  My second shooter and I both were in tears to see how this couple loved and the way they were loved in return.

I love a big wedding and all the fair that comes with it.  But I am quickly learning that my favorite wedding is one where the focus is truly on the couple, the love for one another and the love from those around them.  Everything else is like the sprinkles on the cupcake or the cherry on a sundae.  Beautiful and delicious but the very best part is the stuff its made of.  The love!

Venue:  Renee’s Event Center
Bridal Gown:  Anne’s Bridals
Tux: Anne’s Bridals
Bakery:  Artisan Kitchen
Caterer:  The Catering Company of Paducah
Florist:  NV Florist

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