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Planning Samantha’s bridal session, she and I both began to wonder if it would ever happen. Between rain, venue unavailability, and matching up our schedules it seemed like it would never work out.

Memorial Day weekend we decide we will just make it work no matter what. My husband would put me in contact with one of his clients who has a brand new venue. He gives us permission to shoot there, but it will have to be Sunday as they have plans for Monday. A frantic text to Samantha, and we are shooting that day. After church my husband drives me to the venue. I was simply blown away. It is one of the most stunning places I have ever seen. George, the owner, would greet us and give us the grand tour. Telling us the history of the house, their vision, and how they want to share it with everyone.

Samantha arrives at my house along with my amazing assistant. I am beaming and just rambling on and on about the venue we will be shooting at. As we pull up, I am pretty sure Samantha’s heart skips a beat. It is perfect. Everything she could have dreamed of. As we walked and photographed Samantha in her gown we were just amazed at every turn. I mean the photos speak for themselves.

As we finished up, Amanda and George walked over. They were so kind, and once again gave the grand tour for Samantha and Nicole sharing history and details of every aspect of the farm and venue. They even invited us in to see the grand staircase and wine cellar. As we walked, they tell us how they came up with the venue name. They would combine George’s mother’s name with Amanda’s father’s name. Thus it became “The Adalea”. Wanting to make sure it didn’t mean anything bad, they looked up the meaning. The meaning of Adalea is “In God’s time”. Y’all I had chills up and down my spine. Not only did it take time for Samantha and I to work out her bridal session, but my husband had told me for a year about George and his farm. He did leave out many details like the fact that it is a wedding venue. Anyway, it took me a year before seeing the farm – just in time for Samantha. And most of all George and Amanda had dreamed of owning this farm for years. Making an offer once and not getting it, only to make an offer a few years later, and now having lived there for a year. George told us it is God’s so he wants to share it with everyone as long as God allows him and Amanda to be there. If tomorrow it was no longer theirs, they would be thankful for the time they got to be a part of it.


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