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Savannah and Southern Belles

Locale:  Forsyth Park, Savannah, GA

If you have followed me for any amount of time you know I love everything about the south.  The slow southern drawl, the warmth of the summer sunshine, lightning’ bugs, SWEET TEA, backyard BBQ’s well lets face it I can go on forever!

So about a year ago I had the opportunity to purchase a few vintage southern belle dresses.  I purchased them and began to dream of how I would photograph them.  I started searching locations and for models.  I found a model and never was able to find a second or third model.  The dresses are so small I was reliant on models being able to fit them. The shoot was never able to take place.

Fast forward about a year and a half later.  I was talking to a friend and fellow photographer.  She needed some Momma time and a girls day.  So we started planning.  A girls day turned into an over night trip and then quickly turned into a weekend trip to Savannah.  Seizing the words we spoke “stop saying I wish I could and maybe one day”.  My motto for this new year.   We would suddenly decide to leave after supper on a Thursday evening for our whirlwind trip to Savannah.  Embracing our trip with our very own hashtag and documenting our journey via social media. #twowinginitroadtrippingphotographers

Im sure you guessed it by now.  With our road trip planned I asked if my friend Lindsay would want to do a fun shoot while in Savannah.  Even thought we were going for some soul renewing and relaxation.  Being the roll with it kind of girl she is, she was all in.  I made a few phone calls.  My friend Kinte who we would stay with is a photography teacher at a local art school.  He would assist in lining up models and get me in touch with a local makeup artist.  We had all we needed but one more model.  Lindsay had a friend who just so happened to be named Lindsey who lived near Savannah.  They had not seen each other since high school. She would meet us and be our third model.  With gorgeous models in place and the amazing Wanda of Wanda Christopher Hair and Makeup Artist lined up to make the girls photo ready we had a plan.  Off to Savannah!

We arrive just in time for lunch at my favorite place The Olde Pink House.  After lunch we would tour the streets of Savannah and make our way to river street. Let me just say if you are ever in Savannah be sure to stop in at the Savannah Bee Co and see Leigha.  Lindsay and I spent an hour and a half trying honey, chatting with the employees and sampling all the amazing samples they have.  My favorite being the tupelo honey royal jelly body butter.  Seriously, I die and would love to stock pile jars of it in my studio.  And guess what…….  They have sweet tea chap-stick. I am now addicted to everything Savannah Bee Co!

I digress.  Sorry about that little side trip but I had to tell you about my new love of honey.  Saturday would find us playing tourist in the morning and searching for our shoot location.  Kinte would be our guide.  The moment we pulled up to Forsyth Park I just knew that would be where we would do the shoot. Even with the crowds of people I saw all the majesty and beauty of what this park represented.  It is what I think of when I think of Savannah.  A city that has stolen a piece of my heart and my soul wishing it could be there again.

While we were being tourists Wanda had started hair and makeup with the girls.  Lindsay and I would arrive with the dresses and hoops for the girls to try on.  To my amazement and excitement we had a dress that fit absolutely perfect for each girl.  Not to mention, Wanda who I had only ever met online was just an incredible woman.  She has this fun and infectious personality.  A smile that can light up any room I am sure.  Not to mention the cutest family ever.  Her husband is out numbered with a wife and three daughters and rolls with it when there are 5 extra women just hanging out.  Wanda’s oldest daughter and I became besties instantly and I so would have brought her home with me if her Momma wouldn’t have missed her so much.  I promised to visit with them the next trip to Savannah which I pray is very soon.

Makeup is done and girls are styled up.  Off to Forsyth park we go.  It was a dream for me.  Something I had thought about for so long.  Even before I had the dresses.  Have you ever had a dream and then seen it come to life right in front of you?  It was incredible!  I will leave the images to speak for themselves.  I hope to do another blog in the future about the road trip and the fun we had visiting Savannah and Tybee Island.  A place that made this rolling hills loving girl fall in love the beach.

Lastly, I just want to say Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited.  But not to be out done be the scenery the food was simply amazing.  And just so you know I talk about food, ALOT.  I could do a blog post alone on the food you can find there.



Big thank you to my friend Kinte for helping me coordinate the shoot.  And to my road tripping partner in crime Lindsay Hodges of Lindsay Hodges Photography for rolling with the plan by the minute plans(Psst She has blog posts up about our journey).

Thank you to the most easy going roll with us in our roll with the flow idea models.  You girls rocked! : Lindsey Menz, Sarah Crowe, Emily Woods

Hair and Makeup Artist:  Wanda Christopher

Locale:  Forsyth Park


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