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What a year it has been for SBG.  Amazing brides and incredible adventures.  This summer I stepped out on faith instead of fear and signed up to study abroad with Kristin Sweeting Photography.  Oh I was so excited and a bit nervous.  With passport in hand and Facebook connections with a few of the ladies also studying, adventure awaited.  Broader horizons were ahead of me.

Now this seems like nothing to a lot of people. But for me, I had never been past Tennessee prior to moving here.  After meeting my husband I have traveled a bit more here in the U.S. but not too far.  So other than mission trips to Haiti, I had never used my passport – and those trips were with a group the whole way.  With the opportunity to travel with other creatives, study under Kristin Sweeting, and the retainer payment gifted to me from my husband, I was on my way.

This blog will focus on my week in France. Iceland will have to be shared all on its own.  Each country having its own beauty to share.

Paris would be my final destination for week 1.  Getting to Paris ended up being just as much of an adventure and trickier than walking the city itself.  With flight delays, navigating JFK alone, and my travel partner being stuck in FL with no flights out, each leg of the trip became a race of the clock and departures.  Ellie making it to JFK as they were closing the doors, missing our connecting flight in Iceland, and finally landing in Paris some time after midnight – it was like being a part of a movie scene with two adventurous girls.  One running through an airport to catch a flight as the doors were closing and the other doing all she could to keep the doors from closing.  Alas, we made it to our hostel with the Sweetings waiting to welcome us with snacks and toiletries ready.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention Ellie lost her bag.  It did not make it to the plane like she did.

Tip for travel:  always carry toiletries, meds, and change of clothes in a carry on.

The days to come would be filled with new experiences, foods, amazing architecture and the amazing chocolatiers.  The architecture alone is reason enough to travel to Paris.  It was simply amazing and awe inspiring.  I found myself enjoying walking to each destination.  This all opened my eyes to the beauty of living in a city or vacationing in such a dynamic place.

Kristin had so many adventures and enriching activities planned for our week.  Gaining inspiration form architecture, culture, and art.  Each day we strolled museums, dined in yummy cafes, and had intentional conversations.  Pushing each of us to dig deeper and be inspired by the things around us.

Later in the week we would take a train to southern France.  Another new experience for me, and it left me wondering why we don’t travel by train more here in the U.S.  The train would take us to the beautiful country side.  Oh how this area of France spoke to my country girl heart.  The wide open spaces and rolling hills.  Southern France was absolutely breathtaking.  The villages, the fields, the farms, and all the beautiful colors.  We stayed at this amazing Villa.  It was on the side of a hill, and the views were stunning.  I instantly sent my husband a photo, and his reply was “you can’t have it”.  He’s funny.

Anyway, we were there to photograph the beauty of the lavender fields.  To our dismay, the fields had been cut or were in the process of being cut.  Our hearts sank.  And this is where I will tell you that when traveling always make sure the Sweetings are with you.  They made everything so much fun and thought of every detail.  With the lack of lavender fields, James took us on a few little back roads and sometimes wrong ways.  That’s a story all in itself.  On one of these little mini adventures, we ended up down a one-lane gravel road that led to one of the few remaining lavender fields.  We all squealed. What a sight to see when we were all so excited to be there in Provence and find a remaining lavender field.  We pulled off the side of the road and began shooting.  It is at this moment I had the blessing of modeling a Cathleen Jia gown while wearing an amazing ring by Anueva jewelry.

Oh there is so much I want to share about this trip and experience, but this blog post is already so long.  I’m sad I didn’t take more photographs while walking the streets of Paris, but I am thankful I took the time to soak it all in.  Maybe one day I will travel back to France and experience more of the beautiful architecture, culture, and foods.  And definitely more of the chocolatier shops.  For now, I hope you enjoy these images captured during my time there this summer.

When given the chance, adventure out. You may learn something about yourself or grow in ways you never thought of.  I learned I am very happy in my life and living the simple way we do.  However, adventuring out is so fun and meeting new people and learning new things is exciting.  Just don’t keep me away from home too long.


Shoot planning: Kristin Sweeting
Workshop: Study Abroad Workshops
Flowers: Holly Carlisle, Rose Golden
Invitations: Olive Juice Press
Jewelry: Anueva Jewelry
Dress: Leanne Marshall
Models: Ines and Kenji
Hairpiece: Alice and Mae

Shoot planning: 
Kristin Sweeting
Workshop: Study Abroad Workshops
Flowers: Holly Carlisle, Rose Golden
Dress: Cathleen Jia
Ribbons: Frou Frou Chic
Model: Monet Sommers, @erinmccall_ @phillipmccall

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