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All my couples are so special to me, but Ty and Kelley are like family. I randomly met Kelley’s mom and dad at Adams BBQ. It’s the cutest little restaurant in Adams. From that chance meeting we became such sweet friends.

Of course when Kelley got engaged I hoped and prayed I would be the one to photograph her day. But I also know there are so many amazing photographers in our area. Imagine my joy when she met with me and decided I should be the one to capture it. Complete joy. Not only was she family but she was also marrying a cowboy. Y’all their wedding was SBG style all the way.

Typically I will type up a few thoughts about the couple. Kelley said it perfectly, so here is a direct quote from her questionnaire,

“Ty and I met in August of 2010 at the University of Tennessee at Martin. We were each members of the collegiate rodeo team (Go Skyhawks!), Ty was a saddle bronc rider and myself the ever-so-cliche barrel racer. There’s no other way to say it, so sorry if you lose your lunch, but it was love at first sight. If you ask Ty, it was the night of our first rodeo meeting of the season. When he saw me walk through the door he said he knew that I was something different. Now me on the other hand, I was probably running late and came rushing into the room to find the closest seat, trying not to be seen… so yea, no eye contact was made then. For me it was a couple nights later when some of the rodeo team members were having a get-together. We all went driving around and something about this kid with the cutest grin I’d ever seen, and those eyes… “Calgon, take me away” buddy ’cause I was smitten. I’d never met anyone in my life that could rock velcro tennis shoes and a school bus yellow truck like he did. And I loved it. I loved him. Anyways a few Pirates of the Caribbean movies and La Cabana dates later we were dating! I’d be lying if I said it was all peaches and cream after that, we had our share of off and on struggles. However I’m thankful for a gracious Lord that is King of second chances. I pray everyone gets to experience God’s perfect love and his never-ending mercy, it is the foundation of which Ty and I’s love is built on and we strive to model that every day.”

Now on to wedding planning. Kelley was amazing at asking what photographs well and wanted to make sure I knew all the details. This helps me do my job to the very fullest, and I love being a part of the planning process. When it came to bridesmaids dresses Kelley wasn’t sure what to do. I shared my vision of mismatch dresses with different textures. I love this girl. She took an idea and ran with it. Now the guys weren’t going to be overshadowed by the stunning bridesmaids. I mean who doesn’t love a cowboy in a black hat and suit coat. Pretty sure my assistant and second shooter fell in love. The day just looked and felt like it stepped right out of a novel. I mean girls dream of a day so stunning and moments so full of love.

That morning Ty would make a run to Victoria’s Secret for robes for all the girls. The custom robes ordered never came in. He said Kelley wanted robes, so they should have robes. When you love someone so much you think of little ways to make them happy – that is true love.

With a sweet and simple ceremony, we just missed the storm that would roll in. It was God’s grace that provided just enough time to complete the ceremony and family portraits before the sky would literally open up. I had to giggle at Ty’s family. They are from Michigan, and they all stood at the barn opening watching the sky. They were amazed and couldn’t believe we were so calm. This is Tennessee. Storms happen often. How you weather the storm is what matters.

With their day focused on each other and the foundation being God’s perfect love, these two had blessings flowing all around. To have Ty’s friend Jon marry them was so special. In their words, he saves lives in and out of the arena. Then to see them washing each other’s feet during the ceremony to represent how they will serve each other in marriage was just so touching. Moments and memories made to last.


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  • Nancy McKenzieJuly 25, 2017 - 7:05 pm

    This wedding was beautiful!  Thank you for sharing this blog so I could view such a beautiful union of two obviously in love and very loved people.  Congratulations Kelley & Ty.   Love, Nancy McKenzieReplyCancel

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